A Parachute for Christmas
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Friday, June 12, 2015
By Santa Cliff


A Parachute for Christmas

     Last Christmas I was visiting children at the High Point Museum’s Open House when a young man of about twelve years of age stopped by with his parents and grandparents.  I recognized the lad from previous year’s visits so I got right down to business and asked him what he wanted for Christmas.

     His reply was, “I want a parachute for Christmas.”  With much surprise I exclaimed, “A parachute?  My goodness, I don’t think I have ever had anyone request a parachute.  Come to think about it, in all my years of riding in my sleigh, I have never worn a parachute!  Maybe I should rethink about that!”  O.K., so you want a parachute?

     With that, he looked me straight in the eyes to be sure I was paying attention and said, “No, Santa, I said A PAIR OF SHOES!”  With that response his whole family and I broke into hilarious laughter as I made a mental note to have my hearing aids checked!  After all, it is imperative that Santa hear and understand what the children ask for!


“If You Ain’t Got Jesus, You Ain’t Got Nothin’”

     This same lad’s grandfather asked me what school class ring I was wearing.  I took off my Santa ring and told him Santa couldn’t show partiality to any one school and this was my Santa ring.  With that explanation I showed the family the details on my ring…an image of Santa on one side with the letters AORBS.  Seeing some confusion I explained that A.O.R.B.S. stand for “Advanced Operator of Reindeer Bells and Sleighs.”

     Then I showed them the other side of my ring with the Nativity on it and explained to them why we have Christmas.  After my explanation, the young man on my knee responded, “Well, Santa, if you ain’t got Jesus, you ain’t got nothin’”  All I could say to that was, “Amen!”

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